You never know what new stuff they have. Everyone was like, 'Run, Juliet!' We're supervillains. Call us 'Master'. You'll each get a whirl. As soon as I'm done playing with them. You know what homophobia really means about you, don't you?
I give you... my archnemesis... sisses.
Normal Again

Normal Again

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ANDREW: Your face is priceless.
JONATHAN: Yeah, real funny!
WARREN: Serves you right for taking Z's on lookout again.
JONATHAN: Well, what did you expect? Haven't had a decent night's since-- I mean, I'm going Jack Torrence in here, you know. Stuck in this basement for weeks. We rented the whole house, can't we at least sleep upstairs?
ANDREW: We're on the lam. We have to lay low. Underground?
JONATHAN: It's figurative, doofus! Did you even read Legion of Doom?
WARREN: Okay, enough! Midgetor, get back to the monitors. The last thing we need is to be surprised by--
ANDREW: Holy Geez Louise.
WARREN: The frickin' Slayer.
JONATHAN: She's right there!
WARREN: All right, don't panic. Andrew ... deploy your little friend.
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Normal Again

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WARREN: Dude, that poison has got her drooling like some kind of--
JONATHAN: Where have you guys been?
WARREN: Uh... picking up some stuff.
ANDREW: And checking out Buffy on the van's remote surveillance.
WARREN: Andrew's demon pet has done some number on the Slayer. Got her tripping like a Ken Russell film festival.
JONATHAN: Well, what kind of stuff?
JONATHAN: The packages. What's in them?
WARREN: Well, what do you think, Spanky? You think we're plotting against you?
JONATHAN: Better not be.
WARREN: It's just stuff, big man. All right, you'll be in the know just as soon as you stop being all freakazoid.
WARREN: Ah, now, there's the vault.
ANDREW: I still say we're gonna need eight other guys to pull this off.
WARREN: I never should have let you see that movie.