You never know what new stuff they have. Everyone was like, 'Run, Juliet!' We're supervillains. Call us 'Master'. You'll each get a whirl. As soon as I'm done playing with them. You know what homophobia really means about you, don't you?
I give you... my archnemesis... sisses.
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Non-Buffy clips
Download Boy Next Door, a short movie featuring Tom Lenk as "Chris",
a guy who has a crush on his neighbour. But so does his sister, and sibling
rivalry ensues. Both clips have a size of 10.7 Mb and are 6:33 long.
Part 1 | Part 2 ]
(Note: the movie is from Atom Films, where you can watch the entire movie streaming).
BtVS Season 2, 3 & 4
BtVS Season 5
Real Me Harmony and her new minions (including Cyrus) plan to kill the Slayer, but Harmony isn't that great of a leader.
I Was Made To Love You A robot looking for her creator, the one she's made to love unconditionally, is causing trouble in Sunnydale.
Intervention Spike's order is completed: one Buffy-bot, coming up.
BtVS Season 6
Flooded The Trio of supervillains hire a mmm'fashnik demon to rob a bank for them, but when Buffy catches the demon in action, he demands the Trio kill her.
Life Serial While Buffy is trying to figure out what to do with her life, the wannabe-villains plague her with tests and trials.
Smashed Phase one of the plan is completed when the Trio steals a big diamond from the Sunnydale museum with the help of a freeze ray. Phase two is interrupted when Spike barges in The Lair and wants Robot-boy to examine his chip.
Gone Now armed with an invisibility ray, the three stooges of crime plan more mischief, but they accidently turn Buffy invisible during a scuffle. [offline]
Dead Things The Trio's newest evil plan: hypnotized sex slaves. First victim: Warren's ex-girlfriend, Katrina. Things go sour when she snaps out of her trance and tries to leave. [offline]
Normal Again To make sure Buffy doesn't find the Trio, Andrew summons a demon that shoots the Slayer with a poison that makes her delusional.
Entropy Using a disk they stole from a vampire gang, the Trio tries to figure out where they'll find the item necessary for their next big crime. [offline]
Seeing Red Enpowered by the orbs of Neezla'khan, Warren and his minions cause trouble in Sunnydale. When their latest plan is cut short by Buffy and Andrew and Jonathan end up in jail, Warren takes matters into his own hands. [offline]
Villains Warren tries to escape Willow-gone-bad, thirsty for vengence after Tara's murder. [offline]
Two To Go One down, two to go. It's Jonathan and Andrew's turn to run away from Scary, Veiny Willow. [offline]
Grave The remining duo runs for their lives. [offline]