You never know what new stuff they have. Everyone was like, 'Run, Juliet!' We're supervillains. Call us 'Master'. You'll each get a whirl. As soon as I'm done playing with them. You know what homophobia really means about you, don't you?
I give you... my archnemesis... sisses.


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WARREN: Dude, what are you doing?
JONATHAN: We're not breaking into Langley here. It's Sunnydale.
ANDREW: Well, you never know what new stuff they have. Better safe than--
WARREN: Okay, the security system here is a guy named Rusty. Now get up.
ANDREW: Whoa, head rush. Cool.
WARREN: Guys, come on, alright? Quit jerking around.
ANDREW: See, that's cool. How come he gets to play with all the cool stuff?
JONATHAN: Because I'm allergic to methane and you're still afraid of hot things?
ANDREW: I know.
JONATHAN: Besides, the tank kept making both of us tip over, remember?
+ + + + +

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JONATHAN: I didn't know it'd be so sparkly.
ANDREW: It's so big.
WARREN: Yes, gentlemen, it turns out, size is everything. No offense, man.
ANDREW: It makes colors with the light.
WARREN: All right... Looks like we've finished the first part, now it's time for phase two.
WARREN: Is the van fired up?
ANDREW: Hello, it's called knocking.
SPIKE: Knock knock, robot boy. Need you to look at my chip.
JONATHAN: Is that like, British slang or something? 'Cause we're not--
SPIKE: In my head. The chip in my head.
+ + + + +

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ANDREW: You're English, right?
SPIKE: Yeah.
ANDREW: I've seen every episode of Doctor Who. Not Red Dwarf, though, 'cause, um...
JONATHAN: 'Cause it's not out yet on DVD.
ANDREW: Right. It's not out on... DVD.
SPIKE: Warren!
WARREN: Here I am, here.
SPIKE: Bloody hell. Get on with it then.
SPIKE: Help me out here, Spock, I don't speak loser.