You never know what new stuff they have. Everyone was like, 'Run, Juliet!' We're supervillains. Call us 'Master'. You'll each get a whirl. As soon as I'm done playing with them. You know what homophobia really means about you, don't you?
I give you... my archnemesis... sisses.

Please note that the site will be switching servers in the next few days and may be down for up to 48 hours.

Added today:

  • New livejournal icons.
  • Video clips for Real Me, I Was Made To Love You and Life Serial.
  • Tom Lenk's movie Boy Next Door is also available. It's in two very big files, so it'll probably be the first thing removed when I run out of space... If you want it, grab it now!

    Revamped website. Added today:

  • Troika LiveJournal moodtheme and some new livejournal icons.
  • Video clips for Intervention and Smashed

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